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ICEF US Agent Training Course (USATC)

ICEF US Agent Training Course (USATC) training course was established and improved by ICEF. The course has become very significant for student recruitment agents since it gives itemized information about USA including its geography, economy, and prerequisites for studying at educational organizations in the USA. Having successfully completion of USATC agents will obtain a necessary foundation in the US education system's benefits and institutions which will enable them to consult international students who’s wishing to study in the US. Besides this, the agents will be familiar with the reasons of why USA is very popular destination for students the, available educational programmes, application process, tuitions, as well as bursaries for prospective students, and best preparation tips for the students for living and studying in the USA during the USATC course.

This course consists of several parts:
• Information about the US
• The U.S. Education System
• K-12 Schools in the US
• Intensive English Programs (IEPs) and Pathway (Bridge) Programs U.S.
• Professional Education and Training (PET) Schools Community (Two-Year)
• Colleges Four-Year Colleges and Universities Graduate Schools and Specialized Programs
• The American Schools Culture
• Living in the US
• About student visa

Agents who pass this course will be in a better position to help international students to make right decision to study in the US. We, StudyNet Group (SNG) is one of officially USATC accredited educational agencies by ICEF locating in Baku (Azerbaijan) provides you with an opportunity to consult your future study plans in USA with us.

Agent Contact Details
Qualification: #USCG 39 - 2016-09-10
Contact: Nader Hijazi
Phone: 00994 123100023, 0994 559189393