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ICEF Agent Training Course (IATC)

(IATC) agent training course is one of ICEF courses provided in cooperation with PIER. The main objective of IATC was helping perfection and professional standards in global education. The IATC has become very professional as well as practical training course for international student recruitment advisors for the last years. The course is invaluable tool for the agencies which enables them to enhance their knowledge and gives them new ideas improving the offered services for their students. IATC provides itemized and latest information about international training standards and processes which is very professional preparing training for new staff members at international student recruitment agencies. Having IATC training finished advisors companies are acknowledged by partners and peers as pioneers in education industry.

The IATC consist of three files:

  • The Context of International Education: destination countries, education systems, legal requirements, and visas
  • The People in International Education: students, education institutions’ personnel, and immigration authorities
  • Promoting International Education: working effectively, marketing, and ethics

Particular information about institutions, requirements, documents, or procedures unique to each destination country is not available in IATC. The course is designed to provide a foundation for engaging with all destinations.

Studynet Group, our counselors successfully passed IATC examination and certified as ICEF Trained Agent Counselors (ITAC). We, StudyNet Group (SNG) is an officially ICEF accredited educational agency locating in Baku (Azerbaijan) provides you with an opportunity to consult your future study plans with us.

Agent Contact Details
Qualification: #ITAC 1038 - 2017-01-02
Contact: Zamir Ganjaliyev
Phone: 00994 123100023, 0994 559189393

Agent Contact Details
Qualification: #ITAC 1004 - 2016-10-05
Contact: Nader Hijazi
Phone: 00994 123100023, 0994 559189393