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ICEF is one of leading international organizations in education to encourage the industry through the promotion of the best practices, enhancing global connections and student mobility, sharing the latest news and analysis of the recent educational data trends. ICEF connects international education institutions, student recruitment agents, and relevant education industry service providers is the main goal of ICEF networking events. ICEF events are held annually throughout the world since 1995. These are: multi-track seminars, expert panels, info sessions, familiarization tours, one-to-one business meetings between educators and service providers and etc. ICEF is considered one of the main source of education industry market for recruiting international students.

ICEF offers a scope of arrangements intended to enable our customers to accomplish positive outcomes in their marketing and student recruitment activities. These can be classified as following:

  • ICEF Agent Training
  • ICEF Agency Recognition Programme
  • ICEF Workshops
  • ICEF Monitor
  • Professional Development
  • ICEF Alumni
  • ICEF Media
  • Course Finders

ICEF has advanced into a worldwide pioneer in the global education industry, by giving a large amount of results-oriented solutions and services including global B2B events, professional improvement, preparing projects and advertising their knowledge to a great many customers throughout the world.