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1. What are the benefits of Cambridge English exams?
There’s a wide range of advantages having higher level Cambridge English qualifications, such as C1 Advanced, C2 Proficiency and C1 Business Higher which enhance educational and employment opportunities. Moreover, the main difference of these above mentioned exams is that the results/certificates do not expiry after specific period of time, they are lifelong achievement.

2. Can I take the Cambridge English exams online?
The Cambridge English exams are based on 2 (two) forms, the candidates can choose to take either paper-based or computer-based but please note that both exams run by an official examination center and no online exam can be offered.

3. Where can I find materials for preparing?
Please click the following to see the preparation materials for Cambridge English exams.

4. Where can I get sample questions for exams?
Please use the link below to find available resources including sample papers, online practice tests and vocabulary lists.

5. Which types of exams Cambridge English offers?
Cambridge English offer a wide range of qualifications and tests. Most of them are focused on education purposes whereas few of them are business.

6. Which countries accept these certificates?
Cambridge English qualifications approved as proof of achievement in learning English approximately by 8,000 employers, educational institutions and public departments in more than 150 different countries throughout the world.

7. Where can I register for exams and how?
Registering for upcoming Cambridge English exams please contact us.

8. Is there any limit to take Cambridge English Exams?
There’s no limit. You can take the Cambridge tests as many times as you want.

9. How long does it take to receive exam result?
Results for paper-based exams are available between nine and weeks after and five to six weeks for computer-based exams the date of your exam.

10. Are these exams divided into groups according to students levels?
All the Cambridge English qualifications are based on specific level but there’s no minimum requirement to take the test.

11. What are the documents required to register for Cambridge English exams?
Please contact us to get information about the list of documents required for registration.

12. When is the nearest Cambridge English exam date and for what qualification?
To be informed about upcoming Cambridge English exams and dates please contact us.

13. What are the fees for Cambridge English examinations?
Examination fees depend on exam you are taking. To be informed about the fees for Cambridge English please contact us.

14. What if I need to postpone or cancel my application?'
Cancelling or postponing your application 6 (six) weeks before the test date will be results with an administration charge from your refund. If you cancel or postpone your application within 6 (six) weeks of the exam date, you will be charged full examination fee unless there’s a medical or visa reason.