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B1 Business Preliminary (BEC Preliminary)

Having B1 Business Preliminary qualifications prove to employers that you have obtained a good knowledge of English for business purposes. B1 Business Preliminary is a qualification form which helps to develop your Business English to launch business. The numbers of Cambridge English Qualifications for business are three and first of these examinations is B1 Business Preliminary which helps candidates to get the practical English language skills. Every business qualifications focus on at a various level. The content of B1 Business Preliminary is mainly targeted at daily work and business conversation. There is a wide range of advantages to have B1 Business Preliminary qualification, which means you are able to speak about business subjects, to realize charts and graphs, to type a short business email, to answer brief phone conversations and etc. The qualification is accepted globally by top international companies like Procter & Gamble, HSBC and AstraZeneca.

The exam is made up of three stages (Reading and Writing, Listening and Speaking).

Reading and Writing: 1 hour 30 minutes
Listening: about 40 minutes (including transfer time)
Speaking: 12 minutes per pair of candidates:

Exam dates
Tuesday, April 9 (paper-based)
Saturday, May 11 (computer-based)
Saturday, May 18 (paper-based)
Saturday, June 8 (paper-based)
Friday, June 21 (computer-based)
Saturday, September 14 (paper-based)

Exam fee
Please contact us for more details about the examination fees.

Results for paper-based exams are available between seven and nine weeks after and five to six weeks for computer-based exams the date of your exam.

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