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A2 Flyers (YLE Flyers)

A2 Flyers is the one of Cambridge English Qualifications course particularly designed for young learners. This qualification course familiarizes children to everyday English and to develop their English skills. As soon as they have obtained A2 Flyers qualification they will be able to use simple expressions and phrases simple and understand written sentences in English. Moreover, they will develop the ability to communicate in familiar situations. The examinations are design around common topics and concentrate on the skills needed to communicate fluently in English through listening, speaking, and writing. There is a wide range of reasons to choose A2 Flyers exam. First of all, there is no fail or pass, which means anyone who attend the exam gets certificate. Secondly, A2 Flyers covers all versions of English language (e.g. British English, American English). Above all, it helps students to communicate with English speakers who speaks slowly and clearly.

Test format
The exam is made up of 3 stages (Listening, Reading and Writing and Speaking).

Listening: about 25 minutes
Reading and Writing: 40 minutes
Speaking: 7-9 minutes

Exam Dates
Different test centers can offer various dates depending on their local needs and internal regulations. For more details about the upcoming A1 Movers test dates, please contact us.

Exam fee
Please contact us for more details about the examination fees.

Children don’t fail. All candidates receive a certificate which shows their results. Five is the maximum score for each part of the test.

To sign up for upcoming A2 Flyers exams please contact us.