Reasons to recruit in Azerbaijan

Written on 19 June 2018
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Last year's Studynet Froup Education Fair was visited by over 1800 students.

Due to the large surge in economic growth from oil and gas exports, the quality of life and income has significantly increased in Azerbaijan. The economy grew in 2012 by 3.8%, according to the World Factbook. This economic spurt has influenced the government to heavily invest in the international education for its students.

Azerbaijan with its young population, over 30% of the country’s total population, is one of the fastest growing student-market in Central Asia. The percentage of students studying abroad grew by 7.6% in 2011. SOFAZ (State Oil Fund of Azerbaijan) has dedicated a portion of its budget to support Azeri students to study abroad for the years 2007-2015. According to Open Doors Statistics, in 2009/10, there is 12.4% increase from 2008/2009 in the number of students choosing to study in the USA. According to 2010 UNESCO report, the leading study abroad destination countries are Russia, Turkey, the UK and the US.

Reasons to recruit in Azerbaijan

  • strong economic growth (3.8% annual growth avarage since 2012).
  • heavy government and private sector investment in education. State Oil Fund scholarships. Various state funded study abroad programs.
  • young population; 30% of population is below 20 years.
  • percentage of students studying abroad grew by 7.5% in 2017.