Khalil Abdullayev


The staff of the International Foundation Year, which includes the head of the programme, tutors, coordinators, and assistants, were extremely supportive and ready to help at all times. I had re
gular meetings with an assigned personal tutor throughout the year to discuss any issues I faced during my studies. They also helped me with my questions, enquires and concerns about my degree which I was about to start in the following academic year. I learned a lot in the International Foundation Year which helped me to do well in my degree.

As a student, some of the most important things I learned were the academic system, UK’s academic writing and referencing which I didn’t know about before starting the programme. In my opinion, the things I learned during the year made me more familiar with the University’s system, teaching methods, and marking criteria, which made me more confident and comfortable in my first year than other students. In addition, having friends from the International Foundation Year in my course and being in the city for a whole year made my progression a lot easier than new students.

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