Agil Alizada


Foundation program was great; it improved my academic writing and reading. I have improved my time management skills during my foundation studies. Foundation program is great to start university. Before my undergraduate studies, overall it has been a very rewarding experience. I have learned a lot from the people around me. There is a right balance between lectures and seminars. Some of my modules on the Foundation program were taught professionally by teachers. Lecturers and tutorials were of a very high level and this eased my transition to degree studies. Doing the foundation program makes it easier to cope with pressure on your undergraduate program. I found it really educational and enjoyable. Studying in abroad can be a challenge because of diversity. You can learn a lot from others and everyone has his own story to tell. Most people are quite motivated and I feel my motivation has increased over the year. I have improved my English and communications skills as well. The experience I obtained was invaluable and it motivated me to pursue a career in my future studies.

I wanted to thank everybody who was involved in this program.

Best Regards,
Agil Alizada

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